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Bestselling Author, Master Manifestation Coach, and Co-Founder of Dear UNIVERSE

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Dear friend,

Sarah Prout here. I have something I want to share with you today, and rather than have my team build some fancy webpage, I thought a letter would be the best way to convey the personal nature of what I want to say.

I want to start with a question:

Are you at a crossroads in your life?

Does this feel like the right time to shed your old skin and step into a more highly evolved version of yourself?

Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life?

If so, right now is an important moment.

There’s the potential for unprecedented growth…

But as you know, growth doesn’t always come easy.

The times in our lives when we grow the most are often the times that stretch and challenge us the most, too.

In fact, it’s often that stretching that causes the growth to occur!

If that’s the kind of crossroads you’re at right now, then you’re reading this letter at a very opportune time.

It’s not a coincidence that you’re here, now, reading these specific words at this exact moment.

The Universe drew you here for a reason. Just as it orchestrates all events in your life in perfect divine timing.

Now, you may know that I offer a variety of classes, books, and programs designed to help guide you in your growth in various ways…

But there comes a time in everyone’s spiritual evolution when one-size-fits-all programs just don’t cut it anymore.


*A time when you need more than a book or a course — when you need specific insights.

Someone to empathize with the road you’re on.

Someone who’s been there before, who knows the way.

Someone to guide you through the ups and downs, to ensure you don’t stray from the path, and to help make sense of the signs that appear along the way.


A time when you need more than a book or a course — but specific insights to navigate the ups and downs of your life and business.

A time when you need someone to connect and empathize with the road you’re on…

Someone who’s been there before and who knows the way.

In short…

You need someone to take you by the hand and guide you on an empowering path forwards.


A time when you need more than a book or a course — when you need specific insights to take the next step forward in your life and business.

A time when you need someone to connect and empathize with the road you’re on…

Someone who’s been there before and who knows the way.

In short…

You need someone to guide you through difficult times and help you achieve the biggest breakthrough of your life.


I’ve had several amazing teachers in my life, and these people have helped to speed my growth and improve my joy and satisfaction immeasurably.

I know the same thing is true for my husband + CEO of Dear UNIVERSE, Sean Patrick Simpson.

So what about you?

Are you at that point where you need personal guidance to help you reach the next stage in your spiritual evolution?

If you’re not sure, here are a few questions to help you identify if and when you may need personal guidance from a spiritual teacher:

5 Signs You’re at the Verge of a Major Life Shift

Just one of these signs could mean you’re ready for a spiritual mentor…

  • You know it’s time to move forward with something new, but you need to enhance your intuition in order to interpret the signs and determine the right direction to go…
  • You keep slipping back into old patterns of behavior, and you think you may need help to heal or resolve deep-seated issues or trauma from the past…
  • A lack of money is holding you back from enjoying the freedom you desire, and you need help to evolve your relationship with money and manifest greater abundance…
  • ​You’re feeling unfulfilled by your work, and you need help growing or starting a business or even changing the direction of your career altogether to finally pursue your higher calling…
  • ​You keep experiencing the same relationships issues again and again, and you need help navigating that dynamic to evolve into a more enlightened relationship…

Do any of those scenarios resonate with you?

(If the answer is “no,” that’s OK! You might not be ready for a major life change just yet. In that case, consider checking out some of my other materials in the meantime for help in a specific area of your life.)

But if those scenarios DO resonate with you, then you’re in a bit of a tough spot.

You need to make some major changes in order to reach the next stage in your growth…

But the steps you need to take now are different from the approach you’ve taken so far.

You need to do something new.

Something different.

You may not know what needs to change, or how to accomplish that change.

And you need help.


Guidance from someone who’s been there before.

In short…

You Need a Spiritual Mentor

You need someone who’s been through challenges similar to what you’re facing now — and who’s achieved things similar to the goals you want to accomplish.

Someone who’s attuned to messages from the Universe, who has spent their lives working on their own spiritual evolution, and who knows the ins and outs of how to manifest the future you desire.

It would be ideal if you could simply hop in the car and drive a few minutes down the road to a temple or monastery and have a chat with your local enlightened Buddha figure.

Unfortunately, 99.99% of people in the world don’t live within driving distance of a spiritual teacher who has the enlightenment, authenticity, and spiritual integrity required to help you reach the next stage in your evolution.

And even if you do, they may not really be someone you connect with personally.

My husband Sean and I have been talking about this a lot lately, and it seems to me that the lack of great spiritual mentors is a major problem in our world today.

Recently we started looking for a way we could help that would fit in with our own lives and business. And guess what?

We've finally found a solution that works.

Here’s Your Chance to Have Me As Your Guide

I would love, love, love to sit down with every person reading this letter, listen to where you’re at in life right now, and give my heartfelt advice on how to move forward.

Unfortunately, with over a million students, fans, and customers, I don’t have anywhere near the time to do that.

I do provide some one-on-one coaching, but those opportunities are extremely limited. And given all the other demands on my time, they also tend to be quite pricey.

But Sean and I decided that while we can’t work with all of you individually, we can work with a small group of likeminded spiritual seekers for a fraction of the cost while delivering just as much impact.

You’ll get direct access to me, Sarah Prout, and my husband and Dear UNIVERSE CEO, Sean Patrick Simpson, on a weekly basis…

While also leveraging the power of collective energy, mindset, and intuition to create a life-changing experience for a handful of people.

We also invite guest experts from time to time to provide you with world-class training in vital life areas ranging from finance to relationships.

ALTERNATIVE: ranging from business to relationships to communication, marketing and more...


Here’s how it works.

Introducing: The Visionary Collective

If you’ve ever wanted to work closely with me at a level I’ve only offered to a handful of people around the world, this is your chance.

The Visionary Collective is an intimate group of people who meet with Sean and me weekly to uplevel their life and create a clear path toward a more abundant future.

It’s a high-vibe group of visionaries who truly understand that collective energy and intuitive guidance from the right people is exactly what they need to prompt deep transformational growth.

A safe space to connect with others who are on a similar path as you—and to learn from the differing perspectives of people who are walking contrasting paths.

Whether you’re stepping out of the wreckage from a traumatic past…

Starting a spiritually evolved relationship and nurturing a healthy and supportive family…

Building a business that revolves around your passions and helps achieve a mission in your life…

Or simply seeking the new perspective and intuition required to reach the next level in your growth

The Visionary Collective is an exclusive and intimate space for people like you to elevate your mindset, energy, and intuition in business and in life.

What People Are Saying About The Visionary Collective

Here are some of the raw responses given by members of the initial cohort of the Visionary Collective:

“The Visionary Collective has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and continues to encourage me to grow and expand in really incredible ways.
- Nicole

“The differences in personalities and gifts everyone is bringing is so valuable to me. I feel things unlocking inside of me, and other things shaking loose. The Collective has made space for a lot to shift for me, and just having that bigger mind and that bigger container has been really powerful to honor that that’s part of who I am.”
- Wendy

“Life is real and raw, and it just throws you. Every time I listen to you and Sean, it just re-centers everything to just know it’s all OK. Everything is OK. The higher plane is there, and everything is happening in perfect divine timing.
- Rebecca

“Thanks to this collective, I've made a connection for a project. Our ghostwriter is reviewing a draft of a manuscript I’ve written. She really liked the concept and asked me to send her the draft chapters. If it hadn’t been for the Collective, I wouldn’t have met her. Who knows where it will take us, but it was a wonderful synergistic moment for the two of us.”
- Diane

“In this spiritual world…other people think you're weird. It’s great to meet people with the same thoughts. Most of us have the same transitional things going on in life and that's why we make such a great collective.
- Cyndi

“I love getting the perspective of the divine feminine/divine masculine and how they can sometimes differ and weave in together. I love getting perspective from a ‘successful’ married couple — what we define as success, not a preconceived or imposed notion of success.”
- Nicole

I have a place to be that I actually want to be every week. I’ve been excited about it. I feel accepted by the group. I’m really not as messed up as I think I am. So thank you for letting me be myself in all my weirdness.”
- Kimberley

What’s Included in The Visionary Collective

Here’s what you’ll get when you join us in the Visionary Collective:

  • ​Inner Circle & Intuitive Guidance: You'll get direct access to me (Sarah Prout) and my incredibly brilliant husband and CEO of, Sean Patrick Simpson.

    It’s truly exclusive real-time access to us, with behind-the-scenes insights at what it takes for us to manage a rapidly growing 7-figure business while growing closer and closer in an enlightened marriage and family.

    Each week we will guide you with the intuitive insights, advice, and actionable strategies you need in real time to keep your train of success and joy moving steadily forward in a prosperous and harmonious direction.

  • Purpose Driven Connection: You’ll network with an intimate group of high-vibe kindred spirits who are all embracing your vision and holding the sacred container for your success.

    One of the things that came as a surprise to some of our initial members is just how much value they receive from the thoughts and experiences of the rest of the group.

    This is a place where you’ll forge meaningful, long-lasting relationships with people who have your back in life and business.
  • Limited Membership: You won’t get lost in a group of hundreds or thousands. This is an intimate group, intuitively chosen by me based on skills, intentions, energy and experiences.
  • Access to My Entire Library of Programs: Enjoy unlimited access to every course and program I’ve designed to help you grow and prosper (Abundance By Design, The Dear Universe Academy, Soul Writer, The Manifesting Academy, plus hundreds of mentoring session replays. A collective value of over $20,000 in trainings and resources)​

If you’ve read this far and you’re still interested, then clearly something about this opportunity is resonating with you.

Listen to that resonance. It may be your intuition guiding you to a better future.

Here’s how to take the next step toward joining us in the Collective:

How to Join The Visionary Collective

The Visionary Collective is an exclusive community of evolved and intuitive people supporting one another’s growth in every life arena.

If you’d like to join us, click the link below to answer a few short questions.

I truly mean it that this group is 100% curated by me and I will personally review every single application.

If I think you’ll be a good fit, then I’ll put you in touch with a Visionary Consultant who will connect with you on a discovery call to answer your questions and make sure the Visionary Collective is the right fit for you.

There’s no obligation if you submit an application. If you’re accepted, you will (of course) have the choice of whether you want to join us.

Let’s face it. You’re here because you have a vision for a better, brighter future.

I would be honored to be a part of that journey and to support you along the way.

Are you ready to join our collective energy and space to unlock your true potential?

>>> Click here to apply now

Sarah Prout

Bestselling Author, Manifestation Expert & Co-Founder of Dear UNIVERSE®

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