A Letter from Sarah Prout
Sag Harbor, New York

May, 2023

Dear Friend,

Over the last few years, I have been humbled by the incredible growth and transformation I have witnessed in my community (YOU), my family, my business, and the world at large...

These have indeed been wild times - with many spiritual awakenings.

With a heart full of gratitude, I want to thank you for being part of my journey thus far. 🙏

Many of you have asked…

"How can I work more closely with you, Sarah?"

While I have limited availability for 1:1 coaching (currently only 3 spaces), I am a firm believer in the power of collective energy, mindset, and intuition in both business and life.

Building on the success of my previously hosted Visionary Mastermind, I am excited to introduce to you my brand new, intimate mastermind group called:

The Visionary Collective

So… what exactly is the “The Visionary Collective”?

If you’ve ever wanted to work closely with me at a level I’ve only offered to a handful of people, then this is your chance.

This intimate group of approximately only 15 people will get to meet with me weekly to uplevel their life and create a clear path towards a more abundant future.

This will be a high-vibe group of visionaries who truly understand that collective energy and intuitive guidance from the right people is exactly what they need to prompt deep transformational growth.

The Visionary Collective is an exclusive intuitive space for like-minded professionals to elevate their mindset, energy and intuition in business and life.

What You Get When You’re Chosen

When you’re chosen to be part of the Visionary Collective, here’s what you’ll get when you become a member:

💜 Inner Circle & Intuitive guidance: You'll get direct access to me (Sarah Prout) and my incredibly brilliant husband and CEO of DearUniverse.com - Sean Patrick Simpson.

Each week we will guide you with the intuitive insights, advice and actionable strategies you need in REAL TIME to keep your train of success and joy moving steadily forward in a prosperous and harmonious direction.

Your guidance will come in the form of weekly hot seats and Q&A sessions to get laser focused on exactly what you needto remain unblocked, aligned with your higher self and directly tapped into your intuitive superpowers (hint: we all have it. And all it takes is the smallest tweak from the right mentor to tap you straight back in to your channel of limitless possibilities)

💜 Purpose Driven Connection: You’ll network with an intimate group of high-vibe kindred spirits who are all embracing your vision and holding the sacred container for your success.

Tip: this is a place you’ll forge meaningful, long lasting relationships with people who have your back in life and business.

💜 Limited membership: You won’t get lost in a group of hundreds or thousands. This is an intimate group of approximately 15 people intuitively chosen by me based on skills, intentions, energy and experiences.

💜 Exclusive Resources: Enjoy unlimited access to my entire library of courses and programs designed to help you grow and prosper (Abundance By Design, The Dear Universe Academy, Soul Writer, The Manifesting Academy, plus hundreds of mentoring session replays. A collective value of over $20,000 in trainings and resources)

💜 1-Day Virtual Online Event: This will be a mix of hotseats, expert training and guest experts.


Now before you continue, there’s something I need to make abundantly clear:

This mastermind is not for everyone.

Who This Is For:
The Visionary Collective is for you if you are committed and ready to invest in yourself, share your unique gifts, and are devoted to your personal and business growth.

Who This Is NOT for:
The Visionary Collective is NOT for those who are unwilling to invest in themselves, collaborate with others, or play full out.

In all sincerity and transparency, my hope is that most people who opened this page have moved away by now…

But if you're still reading, then The Visionary Collective is likely for you, so here’s what to do next…

If You Want To Join The Visionary Collective, Here’s How:

As this is an open “invitation to apply” to my entire online following (over 1 million fans) — you’ll need to apply ASAP and ideally before Monday, May 1st.

I truly mean it that this group is 100% curated by me and I will personally review every single application.

IF YOU QUALIFY: Either myself or one of my Visionary Consultants will reach out to you to secure your space.

This opportunity is exclusively for committed, ready, and aligned professionals or business owners who are 6 or 7 figure earners (or close to it) and want to be part of our collective energy and space.

Are you ready to unlock your true potential? ?

>>> Click here to apply now

* APPLY BEFORE Thursday, May 4th, for the best chance to be selected.

Approved members will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, and I’ll be reviewing applications daily as they come in.

What’s more, my Visionary Consultants have limited availability, so please be sure to apply ASAP before they’re fully booked.

With Love and Gratitude,

Sarah Prout

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